Classic American Food, Re-Imagined.


Located right in heart of

historic Santa Fe!

Masterpiece Grill is located inside the historically renovated Drury Plaza Hotel.  The hotel is LEED® Certified by the U.S. Green Building Council for energy-efficiency in the design. Located within walking distance of the Plaza in Downtown Santa Fe and the Georgia O'Keeffe Museum,

High-quality ingredients that transform simple favorites into flavorful and seasonally-infused dishes

Seasonal, Straightforward, and best shared with a communal spirit. Enjoy our airy, playful designed restaurant with an open kitchen, a lively bar area, and outdoor patio seating for your people-watching pleasure. Masterpiece Grill isn’t a place to get away, it is a place to get together–so come early, and stay late, and weave yourself into the Fabric of Social Dining!


2021 Masterpiece Grill